Gallery in Reggae Beach to Boscobel Beach

Harmony Hall

A lovely gingerbread house easily spotted on the main road, Harmony Hall dates to 1886, when it was a Methodist manse that adjoined a pimento estate. The restored structure is made of cut stone, with a wooden upper …
Plantation in Reggae Beach to Boscobel Beach

Yaaman Adventure Park

Formerly the more sedately named Prospect Plantation, this beautiful old hilltop great house and 405-hectare property has rebranded as an active adventure park. Get off-road in the 'wet & dirty' buggy ride. More…
Historic Site in Reggae Beach to Boscobel Beach

Rio Nuevo Battle Site

On the bluff west of the Rio Nuevo river mouth is this little-visited site where, in 1658, the English forces fought their decisive battle against the Spanish, sending them fleeing to Cuba. A plaque here records the…
Beach in Reggae Beach to Boscobel Beach

Bamboo Beach Club

This clean yellow-sand beach is hustler-free and popular with tourists only, due to the high admission rate. Locals still call it by its old name, Reggae Beach. Kayaks are available for rent, and jerk chicken and fi…
Beach in Reggae Beach to Boscobel Beach

Jamaica Beach

Between Tower Isle and Rio Nuevo is this boat-accessible spot renowned for its dive sites offshore. The offshore reef, known as the Rio Nuevo Wall, supports turtles, barracuda and other marine life.