Top things to do

Top Choice Seafood in Port Antonio

Wilkes Seafood

This place looks like an unassuming beach bar from the front, but is a delightful small restaurant inside, overlooking the sea and with a semi-open kitchen that lets the cooking aromas make you hungry. Nothing you o…
Top Choice Italian in Port Antonio

The Italian Job

This is a jolly, Italian-run, checked-tablecloth sort of a place, with great pasta dishes, pizza and salads, plus crepes for dessert. Keep an eye on the specials board too, as the chef puts a great twist on local of…
Ruins in Port Antonio


This rather appropriately named two-story, 60-room mansion on the peninsula east of East Harbour was built entirely of concrete in pseudo-Grecian style in 1903 by Olivia Tiffany Mitchell, heiress to the Tiffany fort…
Fusion in Port Antonio

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Dickie’s – a tiny pointy-roofed seaside hut on the western outskirts of Port Antonio – offers enormous five-course meals in rooms best described as Bob Marley meets Alice in Wonderland. There's not always a menu, bu…
International in Port Antonio

Yosch Café

This cafe on the edge of the craft village complex is all decking, driftwood and bamboo, open to the sea breeze and looking back onto Titchfield and the bay. The breakfasts and sandwiches are winners, as is the fish…
Jerk in Port Antonio

Piggy's Jerk

A very simple jerk shack offering tasty chicken with festival, hearty soup and cold drinks (and despite the name, no jerk pork). It's takeout only – eat on the seafront, or grab a half-chicken for a picnic elsewhere…
Juice Bar in Port Antonio

C&S Smoothies

A great place for fresh juice and smoothies in the craft village. If you're up earlier in the morning, it's worth swinging by for traditional Jamaican breakfasts – porridge, saltfish, plantain and dumplings.
Area in Port Antonio

Titchfield Peninsula

Along this hilly peninsula – known locally as ‘the Hill’ – are several dozen Victorian-style gingerbread houses, most notably DeMontevin Lodge, an ornate rust-red mansion, now a hotel. Many of the finest homes line …
Marina in Port Antonio

Errol Flynn Marina

Port Antonio has, undoubtedly, one of the finest natural harbors in Jamaica, which has been converted into a posh yachting dock where sailboats moor and the well-to-do wander. At night it’s a popular place for young…
Jamaican in Port Antonio

Anna Banana’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Need seafood? Jerk? An open-air bar? Head to this perennially popular breezy restaurant-bar, overlooking the beach on the southern lip of the bay, which specializes in jerk or barbecued chicken and pork, and groanin…