Juice Bar in Port Antonio

C&S Smoothies

A great place for fresh juice and smoothies in the craft village. If you're up earlier in the morning, it's worth swinging by for traditional Jamaican breakfasts – porridge, saltfish, plantain and dumplings.
Club in Port Antonio

Roof Club

This is Port Antonio’s infamous hang-loose, rough-around-the-edges reggae bar. Young men and women move from partner to partner. You’re fair game for any stranger who wants to try to extract a drink from you. It’s r…
Club in Port Antonio

Club La Best

The liveliest spot in Port Antonio, La Best assumes a different identity depending on the evening. Dancehall throbs into the wee hours on Friday; Sunday grooves to a mellow blend of reggae and old-school R&B; la…
Bar in Port Antonio

Marybell's Pub on the Pier

Inside Errol Flynn Marina, this is a good place to while away an afternoon (or evening) away from the pace of the town, at the cabana bar or one of the tables overlooking the bay. Light meals are available.
Bar in Port Antonio


This place plays vintage ska and reggae on Tuesday and Sunday, but on other nights it's pretty sleepy.