Top Choice Beach in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

Winnifred Beach

Perched like a baby bird on a cliff 13km east of Port Antonio you’ll find the little hamlet of Fairy Hill and a rugged dirt track. Follow that road steeply downhill and you’ll reach Winnifred Beach, yet another tota…
Beach in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

Frenchman’s Cove

This little cove just east of Drapers boasts a small but perfect white-sand beach, where the water is fed by a freshwater river that spits directly into the ocean. The area is still technically owned by the Frenchma…
Beach in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

San San Beach

San San is another gorgeous private beach used by residents of the villas on Alligator Head, and guests of the Goblin Hill, Fern Hill and Jamaica Palace hotels. The bay is enclosed by a reef that’s wonderful for sno…