Kingston, Blue Mountains & Southeast Coast




Sound-System Culture

Kingston never sleeps and you can join a party on any night of the week. Its nightlife ranges from formal nightclubs to sound-system parties consisting of giant speakers set up at either end of a street.

Pirates & Colonists

Visit Port Royal in search of past pirate glory, stroll amid the ruined buildings of Spanish Town, the island’s former capital, or take a walking tour through the streets of downtown Kingston to trace the capital’s development.

Blue Mountains

As well as the island’s most popular hike – the nighttime climb up to Blue Mountain Peak, the island’s highest point – the Blue Mountains offer numerous other trails to suit all abilities. The mountains in the morning afford some of the best wildlife-spotting in Jamaica.

Montego Bay & Northwest Coast





The beaches in Montego Bay are OK, but there’s better sand elsewhere; we really recommend swimming in the Glistening Waters and rafting up the Martha Brae. The infrastructure for guided activities is more developed here than elsewhere on the island.

Colonial architecture

Falmouth is the most historically preserved town in Jamaica, with excellent walking tours on offer, while near Ironshore there are protected great houses.

Cockpit Country

Head deep into Cockpit Country, south of Montego Bay, to find fascinating caves and some of the best birding in Jamaica near Windsor and Albert Town. For an easier challenge, you can go on light hill walks in the area near Lethe.

Negril & West Coast





Sure, you can go waterskiing and parasailing and cliff-diving and all that, but a lot of the joy of Negril is at the end of an active day, watching that perfect sunset every evening, and doing nothing at all.

Negril restaurants

Negril has a plethora of eating options, from simple, satisfying beach fare on Long Bay to the classier confines of the fusion and high-end restaurants of the West End. Sunsets off the island’s west coast make for some of the most romantic dining experiences in Jamaica.

Beach parties

If you’re looking for a beach party in Jamaica, you can’t really do much better than Negril. Alternatively, head east to Brighton to leap into Blue Hole cenote and dance to pounding speakers.

Ocho Rios, Port Antonio & North Coast




Adventure sports

The Ocho Rios area has arguably the most activities packed into a relatively small space in Jamaica. There are good diving spots, horseback-riding adventures, ATV safaris and zip-line tours, which attract active travelers.

Coastal retreats

Compared to the crowded northwest coast, tourists are much thinner on the ground when exploring the outdoors in Portland parish. Relax on quiet Winnifred Beach or wade up through the forest river to Reach Falls.

Sugar plantations & banana ports

Explore early colonial settlements at the old sugar plantation of Seville Great House in St Ann’s Bay, the Windward Maroon stronghold of Moore Town, and the quaint old banana port of Port Antonio.

South Coast & Central Highlands




Caves & Waterfalls

From the extensive cave networks of the Central Highlands to the glorious cascades of YS Falls, and even gentler options such as the rolling pastureland near Lovers' Leap, there’s a lot to keep you outdoors.

Jamaican stories

Accompong, in dramatic South Cockpit Country, is the best place in Jamaica to interact with the Maroons. For intellectual pursuits, hit Treasure Beach during the Calabash International Literary Festival. Many members of the island intelligentsia are attracted to the laid-back resorts in and around Treasure Beach.

Boats Trips & Beaches

You know what? Crocodiles are relaxing. Look how laid-back they are, chilling as you glide past by boat on Black River. Even more relaxing? Picking the perfect Treasure Beach accommodations and losing yourself for days, weeks, months…