Dancehall in Ocho Rios


A classic Jamaican dancehall, this remains the happening scene. Theme nights include an oldies jam on Sunday, ladies’ night on Thursday and an after-work party on Friday. This is all leading up to Saturday’s dress-t…
Dancehall in Ocho Rios


Though this is essentially an after-party for the Ocean 11’s karaoke crowd on Tuesday, on Friday be prepared to wine and grind your way through the batty-rider and puss-boot-clad local crowd at the weekly ‘Thank God…
Club in Ocho Rios


Rooftop lounge that comes to life on cruise-ship days. Tuesday is Ladies’ Night, Friday features local DJs and the street reverberates with the pounding beats. Live bands on Sunday play a mix.
Cinema in Ocho Rios

Cove Theatre

Try this cinema for the latest Hollywood releases.
Live Music in Ocho Rios

Village Green

At Island Village, the Village Green hosts two live shows each week for the tourist crowds.
Dancehall in Ocho Rios

Roof Club

The gritty Roof sends earth-shattering music across the roofs of town; it’s the place to get down and dirty with the latest dancehall moves. It can get rough.