Top Choicesteslujisosujowicolawopr in St Ann’s Bay

Kaya Herb House

When super-stylish Kaya opened its doors in 2018, it became the first legal marijuana dispensary in the Caribbean. Equal parts clinic and hipster boutique, to enter you'll need ID (over-18s only) and you must...

Mall in Ocho Rios

Island Village

Since its 2002 opening, this self-contained entertainment park has changed the face of Ocho Rios. The 2-hectare development claims to resemble a ‘Jamaican coastal village.’ It doesn’t remotely, but you'll still...

Arts & Crafts in Port Antonio

Craft Village

This wooden complex facing Fisherman's Beach on the main road has a series of small huts, each with craftspeople selling carved wood, jewelry, T-shirts and other tourist paraphernalia. There are a couple of good...

Market in Port Antonio

Musgrave Market

This fresh produce market is the best place to come if you're self-catering. There's a small craft section and a secondhand book stall with an eclectic range of titles.

Arts & Crafts in Ocho Rios

Olde Craft Market

This market features fair-quality ceramics and art, as well as the usual T-shirts with chirpy Jamaican slogans and Rasta tams with fake dreadlocks attached.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios Craft Park

Firmly aimed at cruise-ship souvenir needs, this open-air market will meet all your tacky T-shirt, batik, wooden sculpture and crafts-made-of-coconut-shells requirements.

Art in Port Antonio

Portland Art Gallery

A simple white clapboard gallery and studio run by Hopeton Cargill, a Port Antonio realist painter and ambassador for the local art scene.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Ocho Rios

Reggae Yard

Reggae wear in Rastafari colors, Usain Bolt T-shirts, and a fair selection of reggae music.