Negril to Savanna-La-Mar attractions

Sculpture in Little Bay

Jurassic Park

Between Negril and Little Bay, a mildly potholed back road passes through the village of Orange Hill, (in)famous around the island as a major marijuana cultivation center. Jurassic Park is located toward the Blue Ho…
Spring in Little Bay

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

This popular sinkhole, an 8km drive southeast from the A2, has long been a feature on the landscape, and has recently become even more popular with the advent of an eight-room hotel on the property and a rocking sou…
Ruins in Savanna-la-Mar

Savanna-la-Mar Fort

The English colonialists never completed the Savanna-la-Mar Fort at the foot of Great George St. Parts of it collapsed into the swamps within a few years of being built, and these discarded guts now form a small cov…
Notable Building in Savanna-la-Mar


The most interesting building in town is the Sav courthouse, built in 1925, where there’s a fountain made of cast iron inscribed with the words, ‘Keep the pavements dry.’ There doesn’t seem to be any deeper meaning …
Notable Building in Savanna-la-Mar

Manning’s School

At the north end of town by the roundabout known as Hendon Circle is the very handsome Manning’s School, built in 1738 and named after Westmoreland planter Thomas Manning.
Church in Savanna-la-Mar

St George’s Parish Church

This church, opposite the courthouse, was built in 1905. It’s uninspired, but has a stately pipe organ that was dedicated in 1914.