Route Taxis

Route taxis ply set routes and charge set fares for set distances and are the cheapest way to get around Montego Bay. Assuming they have room, route drivers will pick up anyone standing along their route who waves the taxi down.

Route taxis can be recognized by the red license plates and the writing on the side of the driver’s door, which indicates the taxi’s route (in Montego, the routes are named for neighborhoods: Flankers, Mt Salem etc.)

The usual cost for a route is about J$100, perhaps double that if heading to the outer suburbs. There are no official pickup points, but taxis reliably congregate near Sam Sharpe Sq, the junction of Market and Strand Sts, and by the bus station. Rates go up by as much as 50% after dark, when route taxis become more difficult to find.

Although both route and JUTA drivers use red plates, it’s safe to assume cars on the Hip Strip are JUTA vehicles, and those anywhere else are route taxis. Route taxi drivers will often offer to provide you with private transportation; if you like the driver, we say go for it.


Licensed JUTA taxis cruise Gloucester Ave; they charge a steep US$10 minimum. Published fares from Gloucester Ave are US$15 to the airport, US$30 to Greenwood, US$25 to Ironshore, US$20 to Montego Freeport and US$35 to Rose Hall.