Montego Bay & Northwest Coast restaurants

Top Choice Street Food in Falmouth

Water Square

Hands down the best place for local street food in the evenings. On one side, jerk chicken is cooked up in oil drums; there's also a good stall serving stewed chicken and other home-cooked food. An old guy cooks up …
Top Choice Jamaican in Montego Bay

Houseboat Grill

Moored in Bogue Lagoon at Montego Bay Freeport, this converted houseboat is the best restaurant in the city. The changing menu offers eclectic Caribbean fusion cuisine: tiger shrimp in a fiery red curry, smoked marl…
Top Choice Seafood in Ironshore & Rose Hall

Far Out Fish Hut

East of Greenwood Great House, look along the coast for a trailer painted to look like a sea-blue slice of the ocean. This place is one of the finest purveyors of seafood on the north coast. It's a locals’ spot wher…
Top Choice Jamaican in Duncans

Leroy's Beach Bar

Awesome beachside shack that rocks out to reggae rhythms in the evenings and serves some of the freshest fish around by day. Try the jerk parrotfish.
Top Choice Fusion in Montego Bay


This celebrated restaurant provides a lovely setting from which to watch the sunset while drinking cocktails, followed by dinner on the elegant clifftop patio. The pricey (some would say overpriced) menu edges towar…
Jamaican in Windsor

Miss Lilly’s

In the hamlet of Coxheath, 5km north of Windsor, you'll find this bar, restaurant, guesthouse and Usain Bolt gift shop all rolled into one, run by the welcoming and jovial aunt of Mr Bolt, Miss Lilly. There's good, …
Jerk in Montego Bay

Pork Pit

At this glorified food shack on the Hip Strip, a half-roasted chef slaves over a blackened barbecue fashioned from pimento wood sticks laid over smoking hot coals. His meat-cooking travails send a delicious aroma wa…
Jamaican in Montego Bay


Loved by upper-crust Jamaicans and tourists both, Pelican is good for goat curry and oxtail, and the seasonal lobster dishes aren't bad either. Opened the same year Jamaica gained independence (1962) and armed with …
Jerk in Ironshore & Rose Hall


Many Jamaicans will tell you that (a) Scotchies serves the best ‘sit-down’ jerk in the northwest and (b) the quality has slipped a bit with popularity. Savvy outsiders nod in agreement. ‘Ya mon.’ This is good-qualit…
Jamaican in Montego Bay

Toby’s Good Eats

As casual eats go, Toby’s is a good choice, especially if you’re staying on Sunset Dr and don’t feel like venturing onto the actual Hip Strip. The menu features red snapper prepared the local way (steamed in foil wi…