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Church in Mile Gully & Around

Nazareth Moravian Church

South of the B6, perched atop the Don Figuerero Mountains, 7km from Mile Gully, is this humble church, which would look as comfortable on the American prairie as it does in the Jamaican bush. Founded in 1840, Maidst…
Area in Mile Gully & Around

Skull Point

About 1km west of Mile Gully, you’ll find a venerable blue-and-white, 19th-century police station and courthouse at the junction for Bethany, plus the atmospheric remains of a defunct train station. The name has not…
Church in Mile Gully & Around

Bethany Moravian Church

The Bethany road climbs sharply and delivers you at the Bethany Moravian Church, 4km north of Mile Gully – a simple gray stone building dating to 1835, dramatically perched foursquare midway up the hill with fantast…
Church in Mile Gully & Around

St Simon's Anglican Church

This beautiful church sits on a hillside amid meadows at Comfort Hall, 6km northwest of Mile Gully, with huge spreading trees festooned with old-man’s beard.