House in Mandeville

Marshall’s Pen

One of the most impressive historical sights in the central highlands, Marshall’s Pen Great House has a story that manages to encapsulate the sweep of Jamaican history from Taíno times through colonialism to aboliti…
Gardens in Mandeville

Mrs Stephenson’s Garden

Carmen Stephenson is testament to the fact that any individual who cares enough to can carve out their own plot of Eden. Her well-manicured garden has been planned and planted, and pruned and mulched, with much lov…
Historic Site in Mandeville

Huntington Summit

The extravagant Huntington Summit mansion in May Day, about 3km southeast of the town center, forms the yin to Bloomfield Great House’s yang. The octagonal home is of palatial proportions, with wraparound plate-gla…
Square in Mandeville

Cecil Charlton Park

This tiny English-style ‘green’, also known as Mandeville Sq, lends a slight Cotswoldian village feel to the town center (that’s assuming Cotswold greens are dominated by dozens of people hailing taxis, selling prod…
Monument in Mandeville

Cenotaph (War Memorial)

Landmark in Mandeville

Mandeville Courthouse

Landmark in Mandeville


Church in Mandeville

St Mark’s Anglican Church