Top things to do in Mandeville & Around

Top Choice Jamaican in Gutters & Spur Tree Hill

All Seasons

Folks drive to All Seasons from miles around for the best jerk in the area. It does a jerk sausage (J$500/¼ lb) on weekends, so good it should be a controlled substance.
Coffee in Mandeville & Around

Jamaica Standard Products Coffee Factory

Stop by the JSP coffee factory to purchase fresh bags of Island Blue (Blue Mountain) coffee at extremely fair prices, as well as cheaper High Mountain coffee and blends of the two. JSP also sells a range of Baronhal…
Historic Building in Mandeville

Marshall’s Pen

One of the most impressive historical sights in the central highlands, the 18th-century Marshall’s Pen great house has a story that manages to encapsulate the sweep of Jamaican history from Taíno times through colon…
Square in Mandeville

Cecil Charlton Park

This tiny, attractive, English-style ‘green’, also known as Mandeville Sq, lends a slight Cotswoldian village feel to the town center. In the middle of the park, the three colored towers of the water-rockery feature…
Church in Mile Gully & Around

Nazareth Moravian Church

South of the B6, perched atop the Don Figuerero Mountains, 7km from Mile Gully, is this humble church, which would look as comfortable on the American prairie as it does in the Jamaican bush. Founded in 1840, Maidst…
Area in Mile Gully & Around

Skull Point

About 1km west of Mile Gully, you’ll find a venerable blue-and-white, 19th-century police station and courthouse at the junction for Bethany, plus the atmospheric remains of a defunct train station. The name has not…
Seafood in Mandeville

Little Ochie

This satellite of the famous fish restaurant at Alligator Pond is very good. Not as good as its parent, but hey – we can’t all approach perfection. The menu is seafood done in all the traditional Jamaican ways (jerk…
International in Mandeville

OMG Restaurant & Coffee Bar

Hidden in a mini-mall, this colorful spot serves potent Blue Mountain brew (from J$200), alongside international offerings, such as macaroni and cheese pie, crossovers (jerked chicken pasta) and good ol' Jamaican st…
Gardens in Mandeville

Mrs Stephenson’s Garden

Elaine Stephenson is testament to the fact that any individual who cares enough to can carve out their own plot of Eden. Her award-winning garden has been planned and planted with much love and discipline. Keen amat…
Notable Building in Mandeville

Mandeville Courthouse

Opposite Cecil Charlton Park is the Mandeville Courthouse, the oldest building in Mandeville town center. Built by slaves in 1817 out of cut limestone, the edifice is fronted by a horseshoe staircase and raised port…