Top ChoiceJamaican in Mandeville

Tim's Jerk Pork Centre

Run by crotchety grandparents, this jerk shack makes up in flavor what it lacks in congenial welcomes. There's a wonderful sweet undercurrent to the smoky, spicy pork and chicken, and sticky bottles of homemade...

Top ChoiceJerk in Gutters & Spur Tree Hill

All Seasons

Folks drive to All Seasons from miles around for the best jerk in Manchester parish. The chicken and pork are merely good, but it does jerk sausage (J$550 per ¼ lb) on weekends that is so good it should be a...

Top ChoiceJamaican in Mandeville

Jaro's Lucky Charm Jerk Centre

On the northeastern outskirts of Mandeville, this cookshop fills up with motorists and locals in the know who seek out the generous portions of curry goat, stew chicken and punchy, smoky, Boston Beach–style jerk...

Seafood in Mandeville

Little Duchi

This satellite of the famous fish restaurant at Alligator Pond is very good. Not as good as its parent, but hey – we can’t all approach perfection. The menu is seafood done in all the traditional Jamaican ways...

International in Mandeville

OMG Restaurant & Coffee Bar

Hidden in a mini-mall, this colorful spot serves potent Blue Mountain brew (from J$220), alongside international offerings, such as macaroni and cheese pie, crossovers (jerked chicken pasta) and good ol' Jamaican...

Jamaican in Gutters & Spur Tree Hill

Alex Curry Goat

Popular cookshop and bar locally renowned for large portions of tasty – you've guessed it! – curry goat. Also good manish water (goat soup).

International in Mandeville

Star Grill

On first impressions, it looks like a modern run-of-the-mill fast-food place, but the menu is more ambitious than your typical Jamaican joint. There are some international inflections (quesadillas), brave...

Chinese in Mandeville

Bamboo Garden Restaurant

Hidden at the back of a mini-mall, on the 1st floor, is this dimly-lit, quiet and crisply air-conditioned Chinese restaurant. Large portions of mostly Cantonese dishes are complemented by some of the most...