As in other matters, Kingston is Jamaica’s capital of food; it is here that the national cuisine was born and it is here that it continues to thrive and evolve. Let your taste buds run free!

Most of the notable eateries, which include international and fusion cuisine, are found in uptown Kingston, where the culinary adventurer is spoiled for choice.

Patty, Glorious Patty

Patties – pastries with spicy beef, chicken, cheese or vegetable filling – are a Jamaican institution. They’re cheap (from J$140), filling and delicious, and sold by the Juici Patties, Tastee Patties and Mother’s franchises: who has the superior offering is a subject for endless, friendly debate. The larger branches serve ultra-filling hominy and peanut porridge for breakfast, and lunch mains such as saltfish with callaloo or cabbage. If you want to go posh, try the lobster patties at Devon House Bakery in uptown Kingston.