Kingston is the best town in Jamaica for bar-hopping and clubbing, and you’ll never want for after-hours action.

Many bars, nightclubs and sound systems feature regularly scheduled events and theme nights, making it possible to get a groove going every night of the week. Clubs come and go – Kingston crowds are fickle when it comes to the hippest scene.

Sound-System Parties

What Kingston is really famous for is its sound systems: giant speaker stacks with a ‘selector’ (DJ) playing the tunes and a ‘toaster’ acting as MC to the proceedings. Part block party, part fashion show and all-out stereo war, sound-system parties are an essential Jamaican experience. They start late in the night and go on into the early morning, so you’ll need to pace yourself – don’t even think of turning up much before midnight.

It’s perfectly safe to attend street parties, as the neighborhoods are responsible for security and people don’t take kindly to violence spoiling the event, but it’s best to come with a local and to leave obvious valuables behind.

Kingston Weekly Party Planner

MondayHot Mondays at Limelight
Uptown Mondays at Savannah Plaza; dancehall sound system
Inner City Dub at the Ark
TuesdaySankofa Sessions at Ashanti Oasis
Nipples Tuesday at King Jammys Studio
WednesdayWeddy Weddy Wednesdays at Stone Love HQ; one of the best Uptown sound systems
ThursdayVinyl Thursdays street dance at Regal Plaza, Cross Roads
FridayAfter Work Jam at the Deck
Friday Night Party at Privilege
Club Night at Fiction
SaturdayPrivilege Saturday at Privilege
Club Night at Fiction
SundayOld Hits Night; sound system playing the best of reggae outside the Capricorn bar in Rae Town
Kingston Dub Club at Dub Club