Top things to do in Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast

Top Choice Gallery in Kingston

National Gallery of Jamaica

The superlative collection of Jamaican art housed by the National Gallery is the finest on the island and should on no account be missed. As well as offering a distinctly Jamaican take on international artistic tren…
Top Choice Club in Kingston

Dub Club

Dub Club is the house party that's become a major Kingston brand. And what a house! Set high on Jack's Hill, it looks down over the lights of the city, twinkling in the night. The huge sound system treats you to the…
Top Choice International in Kingston


A low key restaurant, open air and rustic enough to make you think it's made from real shipping pallets. The menu is anything but haphazard though – think yam and cheese-stuffed chicken roulade, mango sticky ribs, o…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Kingston

Mi Hungry

Mi Hungry serves up 'sun cooked' I-tal food that you wouldn't believe. The 'pleaza' comes with a base of seeds and grains, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and crunchy veg (we recommend ackee with a few chilies) and i…
Top Choice Mountain in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain Peak

Highest of the highlights, Blue Mountain Peak reaches 2256m above sea level, and no visit to the area should neglect a predawn hike to its summit for a sunrise view.
Top Choice Lighthouse in Bath

Morant Point Lighthouse

Bath is the gateway to Morant Point, a peninsula that juts into the Caribbean Sea. The 30m-tall, red-and-white-striped lighthouse marks Morant Point, the easternmost tip of Jamaica. Cast in London in sections that w…
Top Choice Museum in Kingston

Bob Marley Museum

The large, creaky, colonial-era wooden house on Hope Rd, where Bob Marley lived and recorded from 1975 until his death in 1981, is the city’s most-visited site. Today the house functions as combined tourist attracti…
Top Choice Area in Kingston

Life Yard

An innovative art and permaculture scheme, Life Yard is regenerating an area of downtown Kingston once beset with gang problems. The program is centered on an urban farming project, and its Rastafari organizers have…
Top Choice Museum in Kingston

Devon House

This beautiful colonial house was built in 1881 by George Stiebel, the first black millionaire in Jamaica. Antique lovers will enjoy the guided tour, highlights of which include some very ornate porcelain chandelier…
Top Choice Museum in Kingston

Liberty Hall

At the end of a tree-lined courtyard, decorated with cheerful mosaics and a mural depicting Marcus Garvey, stands Liberty Hall, the headquarters of Garvey’s UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association) in the 1930s. …