Top Choice Jerk in Ironshore & Rose Hall


Many Jamaicans will tell you that (a) Scotchies serves the best ‘sit-down’ jerk in the northwest, if not all of Jamaica, and (b) the quality has slipped a bit with popularity. Savvy outsiders nod in agreement. ‘Ya m…
Seafood in Ironshore & Rose Hall

Far Out Fish Hut

East of Greenwood Great House, look along the coast for a trailer painted to look like a sea-blue slice of the ocean and you’ve found the Far Out Fish Hut, one of the finest purveyors of seafood on the north coast. …
Indian in Ironshore & Rose Hall

Prakash Restaurant

Two distinct kitchens serve one big dining room multiple variations of popular Indian or Thai cuisine. We will admit to being snobbishly unprepared for how good the food was here; even discounting the fact there ar…
British in Ironshore & Rose Hall

Royal Stocks

This pub affects the olde-England vibe, serving pricey (and good) burgers and steaks, Jamaican favorites and an authentic steak-and-kidney pie. With all that said, our favorite reason to come is the ambience; this p…
in Ironshore & Rose Hall

Vineyard Restaurant