Low season (summer) is usually mid-April to early December; the high season (winter) is the remainder of the year, when hotel prices increase by 40% or more. All-inclusive packages are usually based on three-day minimum stays.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Rates for all-inclusive resorts in our listings are guidelines based on unpublicized ‘rack’ or ‘standard’ rates. (Note: reviews for all-inclusive options will include a mention of ‘all-incl’ in the practicalities details where costs are shown.) You will likely spend considerably less depending on the source of booking, the season and current specials, which are perpetually publicized.


Jamaica is not particularly developed for campers, and it’s unsafe to camp in much of the wild. Many budget properties will let you pitch a tent on their lawns for a small fee. Some even rent tents and have shower, toilet and laundry facilities.


Most guesthouses are inexpensive and good places to mix with the locals. Breakfast is often included. Some are homely houses, others are indistinguishable from hotels.

Villa Rentals

Jamaica boasts hundreds of private villas for rent. Rates start as low as US$150 per week for budget units with minimal facilities. More upscale villas begin at about US$750 weekly and can run to US$10,000. Rates fall as much as 30% in summer. A large deposit (usually 25% or more) is required.

Villas in Jamaica is a useful booking site for villa rentals.