East of Port Antonio restaurants

Top Choice Jamaican in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

Mille Fleurs

This restaurant at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill offers some of the best haute Jamaican cuisine on the island, savored on a gorgeous terrace and served with a sense of elegance and intimacy. The locally sourced organic me…
Top Choice Jamaican in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill


This truly brilliant spot – with an outdoor patio and an indoor counter that doubles as a local meeting place – prepares tremendous hot dogs and burgers, grilled cheese and Jamaican dinners to order. There's a great…
Fusion in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

Bush Bar

Set in a veranda that overlooks the jungle and the ocean and ensconced in multiple layers of hip, the restaurant at Gee Jam offers an immaculate Asian-Jamaican fusion experience, replete with cocktails as neon-brigh…
Jamaican in Long Bay

Portland Cliff Hanger

A thatched restaurant attached to Seacliff Resort & Spa, looking out over the cliffs near Long Bay. Refresh yourself with a juice mix while picking a selection of Jamaican dishes with a modern twist. Their signa…
Italian in Port Antonio to Fairy Hill

San San Tropez

The enormous menu here has one focus: Italian food, home-cooked and cooked right. It’s relatively simple stuff (if you’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant, you can probably recite the menu from rote memory), well-…
Jamaican in Long Bay

Y & V Sea View Restaurant

At the cliffside entrance to Long Bay, this shack in red, green and gold with a Bob Marley mural is a popular place for Jamaican standards – plenty of filling chicken and fish with rice and the like. Eat outside in …
Jamaican in Long Bay

Fishermans Park

On the main road in the center of Long Bay, Fishermans Park is a lively open-sided restaurant and sports bar, with a thatched seating area. Strong on fish (we also enjoyed the goat curry), with good-sized portions.
Jamaican in Manchioneal

Bryan’s Restaurant

A rooftop eatery that offers simple but delicious Jamaican fare, served on a sunny veranda. Pay for your meal at the B&L Supermarket on the 1st floor before heading upstairs.
Jamaican in Long Bay

Cool Runnings Beach Bar & Grill

This beach bar and restaurant is a good first stop in Long Bay. Food is well prepared and tasty – and if you go for the fish you won't be disappointed.