Top things to do in Duncans

Top Choice Jamaican in Duncans

Leroy's Beach Bar

Awesome beachside shack that rocks out to reggae rhythms in the evenings and serves some of the freshest fish around by day. Try the jerk parrotfish.
Beach in Duncans

Jacob Taylor Beach

Right next to the Silver Sands Resort there's a turnoff for this small, flotsam- and jetsam-strewn fishermen's beach. The water's too dangerous for swimming, but you can rock out to the reggae blasting from the rum …
Church in Duncans

Kettering Baptist Church

Kettering Baptist Church, built in 1893, is a creamy-colored building that commemorates William Knibb, a Baptist missionary and a leading abolitionist who founded an emancipation village for freed slaves here in 184…