Blue Mountains attractions

Top Choice Mountain in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain Peak

Highest of the highlights, Blue Mountain Peak reaches 2256m above sea level, and no visit to the area should neglect a predawn hike to its summit for a sunrise view.
National Park in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains-John Crow National Park

The Blue Mountains-John Crow National Park protects 782 sq km and is managed by the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust. The park includes the forest reserves of the Blue and John Crow Mountain Ranges and s…
Farm in Mavis Bank

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Established in 1923 and located 1km southwest of Mavis Bank, this is the largest coffee factory in Jamaica, producing Blue Mountain coffee sold under the ‘Jablum’ label. You can tour the factory to see the coffee be…
Farm in Newcastle

Craighton Coffee Estate

Just north of Newcastle, you can take a one-hour tour of the attractive 200-year-old Craighton Estate Great House and coffee plantation. During the tour, your knowledgeable guide explains to you the basics of coffee…
Gardens in Section & Clydesdale

Cinchona Gardens

A dilapidated old house sits atop these 2.5-hectare gardens, fronted by lawns and exquisite floral beds. It's a little rundown, but the views are fabulous: to the north stand the peaks, but you can also peer down in…
Plantation in Section & Clydesdale

Old Tavern Coffee Estate

Old Tavern Coffee Estate lies about 1.5km southwest of Section. The owners, the Tywman family, welcome visitors by prior arrangement. You're treated to a lesson on coffee growing and production as well as a tasting …
Church in Irish Town

St Mark's Chapel

St Mark’s Chapel in Irish Town is an attractive white 19th century clapboard church. It was heavily restored after being damaged by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.