Top Choice Seafood in Black River

Cloggy’s on the Beach

This beachside joint is your best culinary bet in Black River; it’s an all-round pleaser with a relaxed vibe, great bar ambience and excellent seafood. Try a cup of conch soup for a revelation, and follow that up wi…
Jamaican in Black River

Waterloo Great House

There’s a raffish quality to the colonial bar inside the Waterloo Great House that looks like it could have sprung from a Graham Greene novel. Good for a drink or big portions of typical Jamaican standards, as well …
Seafood in Black River

Sister Lou’s River Stop

The fact that this is a popular tour-boat stop for croc-spotters hasn't impacted negatively on the taste of Sister Lou's stuffed crab backs and pepper shrimp at a shack that looks like it's been part of the landscap…
Jamaican in Black River

Tasty Foods

This warehouse, left over from Black River's trading boom, is now home to a sweet eatery where you can chow down on ackee and saltfish for breakfast and brown stew fish, oxtail and chicken in various guises the rest…
Seafood in Black River

Las Vegas Cafe

Though far from the glamour and bustle of America's glitzy behemoth, this popular place rocks out in the evenings to pulsing reggae while serving heaped plates of fried fish, curried conch and the like to hungry loc…
Market in Black River

Produce Market

Large, covered market that's busiest on Fridays and Saturdays.