Little Ochie

Top choice seafood in Alligator Pond

Little Ochie is a culinary phenomenon that, despite a cult following, refuses to sell out. Set on a slice of black-sand beach, it uses the same charcoal-blackened kitchen and scribbled chalkboard menu it has for eons. The secret? Fish and seafood straight out of the sea, served steamed, jerked, curried, or escoveitched in boats on stilts under thatched awnings.

You make your choice from what the fishers just brought in, pay by weight and then elect how you want it cooked. The jerk is always a good bet, though it can be HOT. Grilled lobster and steamed lionfish and snapper also have a dedicated following. And ‘dedicated’ is the word. Little Ochie is one of Jamaica’s few bona fide destination restaurants and has established itself as the No 1 attraction in Alligator Pond. Jamaicans drive from Kingston just to eat here; when you find yourself happily covered in scales from the fish you've just eaten, like something out of Lord of the Flies, you'll know why.