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Top Choice Cultural in Accompong

Accompong Maroon Festival

The best time to get a sense of Accompong’s uniqueness is during the traditional Accompong Maroon Festival. The festival celebrates Accompong’s nominal independence and is a riot of traditional dancing, drumming, me…
Arts & Crafts in Accompong

Craft Shop

Goombay drums, along with medicinal herbs, calabash shells and abengs (cow horns), are for sale in the tiny red-and-green craft shop as you enter town. The hand-carved goombay drum (around J$4000) is box-shaped and …
Museum in Accompong

Accompong Community Centre & Museum

Across from the Parade Ground, this museum is a veritable peek into the Afro-Caribbean world’s cultural attic: goombay drums, a blunderbuss allegedly used by Nanny (legendary Maroon leader), and agricultural impleme…
Village in Accompong

Bickle Village

Uphill from the Parade Ground is Bickle Village, studded with traditional thatch-roofed homes, with a Maroon burial ground nearby, a small herbal garden where local ladies can point out different medicinal herbs, an…
Cave in Accompong

Peace Cave

One of Accompong's attractions is a one-hour trek down to the Peace Cave (guided hike about US$30), where Cudjoe signed the 1739 peace treaty with the British. The cave itself may be small and unimpressive, but the …
Square in Accompong

Parade Ground

Accompong is centered on the tiny Parade Ground, where the Presbyterian church looks over a small monument that honors Cudjoe, the Maroon leader (the statue next to it is that of Leonard Parkinson, another Maroon fr…
Jamaican in Accompong

Maroon Restaurant

One of two restaurants in the Accompong community, which will enthusiastically rustle up traditional food with ingredients plucked from within a 100m radius of your plate. Ask locals for directions.