Food in Seneghe

Oleificio Sociale Cooperativo di Seneghe

To stock up on the town's award-winning olive oil, make a beeline for the Oleificio Sociale Cooperativo di Seneghe on the Bonarcado road into town. Prices range from €5 for 250mL to €43 for 5L. The store was closed …
Wine in Oristano

Cantina Sociale della Vernaccia

Oristano is famous for its fortified Vernaccia wine, and this cantina about 3km north of the city centre is the place to buy it. Most of Oristano’s local producers bring their grapes here to be crushed, so you can b…
Food in Seneghe

Alimentari Marina

Seneghe's award-winning olive oil comes in containers of every shape and size at this market in the heart of town. Grab an ultra-portable 250mL bottle (€5), or go all out with a 5L can (€43).
Food in Cuglieri

Azienda Olearia Peddio

On the main road through the village, this is the place to stock up on local olive oil. A litre costs between €8 and €9.