Top Choice Cultural in Inland Oristano Province


On 6 and 7 July Sedilo hosts Oristano’s most exciting festival, S’Ardia, when nearly 50,000 people pack themselves into the tiny village to see Sardinia’s most reckless and dangerous horse race.
Top Choice Carnival in Oristano

Sa Sartiglia

Oristano’s carnival is the most colourful on the island. It is attended by hundreds of costumed participants and involves a medieval joust, horse racing and incredible, acrobatic riding.
Carnival in Bosa


Carnevale kicks off with a burning pyre outside the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate and follows with days of parades, culminating in boisterous celebrations on martedi grasso (Shrove Tuesday).
Religious in Cabras

Festa di San Salvatore

To mark the Festa di San Salvatore on the first weekend in September, hundreds of young men participate in the Corsa degli Scalzi, a traditional barefoot dash between Cabras and San Salvatore. The run, which is spre…
Religious in Bosa

Festa di Santa Maria del Mare

For four days around the first Sunday of August, Bosa celebrates the Festa di Santa Maria del Mare. Fishers form a colourful procession of boats to accompany a figure of the Virgin Mary from Bosa Marina to the cathe…
Wine in Milis

Rassegna del Vino Novello

In early November, Milis holds the Festival of Young Wine, a chance for Sardinia’s wine producers to show off their best products. You can do the rounds sampling the wines and grazing the food stalls that line the s…
Religious in Bosa

Festa di Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos

In the second week of September, streets in the old town are bedecked with huge palm fronds, flowers and altarittos (votive altars) to celebrate the Festa di Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos.
Sports in Marina di Torregrande

Open Water Challenge Oristano

In mid-September, this three-day extravaganza brings in water-sports enthusiasts from all over Italy for kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding competitions.
Literature in Seneghe

Settembre dei Poeti

Held in late August or early September, the Settembre dei Poeti is a four-day celebration of local and international poetry with readings, Q&A sessions and a poetry slam competition – a thoroughly entertaining, …