Top Choice Archaeological Site in San Giovanni di Sinis & Tharros

Area Archeologica di Tharros

The choppy blue waters of the Golfo di Oristano provide a magnificent backdrop to the ruins of ancient Tharros. Founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC, the city thrived as a Carthaginian naval base and was…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Inland Oristano Province

Nuraghe di Santa Cristina

Just off the SS131 north of Oristano, the Nuraghe Santa Cristina is an important nuraghic complex. Its extraordinary Bronze Age tempio a pozzo (well temple) is one of the best preserved in Sardinia. The worship of w…
Top Choice Piazza in Oristano

Piazza Eleonora d’Arborea

Oristano’s elegant outdoor salon sits at the southern end of pedestrianised Corso Umberto I. An impressive, rectangular space, it comes to life on summer evenings when townsfolk congregate and children blast footbal…
Top Choice Church in Santa Giusta

Basilica di Santa Giusta

This landmark Romanesque church is one of Sardinia's architectural jewels. Dating to the early 12th century, it sports a severe sandstone exterior punctuated by blind arcades and a typically Tuscan portal. Inside, t…
Top Choice Museum in Cabras

Museo Civico

Cabras' cultural highlight is the Museo Civico, and the real superstars here are the so-called Giants of Monte Prama, a series of towering nuraghic figures depicting archers, wrestlers and boxers. Also of interest a…
Top Choice Beach in Sinis Peninsula

Is Aruttas

One of the peninsula's most famous beaches, Is Aruttas is a pristine arc of white sand fronted by translucent aquamarine waters. For years its quartz sand was carted off to be used in aquariums and on beaches on the…
Top Choice Castle in Bosa

Castello Malaspina

Commanding huge views, this hilltop castle was built in the 12th and 13th centuries by the Tuscan Malaspina family. Little remains of the original structure except for its skeleton – imposing walls and a series of s…
Top Choice Museum in Bosa

Museo Casa Deriu

Housed in an elegant 19th-century townhouse, Bosa's main museum showcases local arts and artisanal crafts. Each of the three floors has a different theme relating to the city and its past: the 1st floor hosts tempor…
Church in Santu Lussurgiu

Chiesa di San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes

This charming 12th-century Romanesque church, which once belonged to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, forms the centrepiece of the tiny woodland hamlet of San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes, famous for its gurgling s…
Beach in Santa Caterina di Pittinuri

Spiaggia dell'Arco

On the northern fringe of the beachside community of S'Archittu, the Spiaggia dell’Arco features a dramatic stone arch that rises 6m above the emerald-green waters.