Villasimius & Capo Carbonara attractions

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Villasimius & Capo Carbonara

Capo Carbonara

If you embark on just one excursion from Villasimius, make it the 15-minute drive south to Capo Carbonara, a protected marine park. The promontory dips spectacularly into the crystal-clear waters of the Med. Besides…
Top Choice Beach in Villasimius & Capo Carbonara

Cala Giunco

The pick of Villasimius' spiagge (beaches), Cala Giunco is a vision of beach perfection: a long strip of silky white sand sandwiched between tropical azure waters and a silvery lagoon, the Stagno Notteri, where pink…
Lake in Villasimius & Capo Carbonara

Stagno Notteri

This lagoon often hosts flamingos in winter. On its seaward side are several stunning beaches including Cala Giunco and Spiaggia del Simius with its Polynesian blue waters.
Museum in Villasimius & Capo Carbonara

Museo Archeologico

Villasimius’ archaeology museum harbours a small but interesting collection of Roman and Phoenician artefacts, as well as various odds and ends recovered from a 15th-century Spanish shipwreck.
Historic Site in Villasimius & Capo Carbonara

Fortezza Vecchia

Perched on cliffs close to Capo Carbonara, this ruined 14th-century fortress dates back to the time the Aragonese controlled the island. The views over the bay to the green, macchia-tufted mountains are more strikin…