Top Choice Museum in Vicenza

Palazzo Leoni Montanari

An extraordinary collection of treasures await inside Palazzo Leoni Montanari, among them ancient pottery from Magna Graecia and grand salons filled with Canaletto’s misty lagoon landscapes and Pietro Longhi's 18th-…
Top Choice Historic Building in Vicenza

La Rotonda

No matter how you look at it, this villa is a show-stopper: the namesake dome caps a square base, with identical colonnaded facades on all four sides. This is one of Palladio’s most admired creations, inspiring vari…
Top Choice Theatre in Vicenza

Teatro Olimpico

Behind a walled garden lies a Renaissance marvel: the Teatro Olimpico, which Palladio began in 1580 with inspiration from Roman amphitheatres. Vincenzo Scamozzi finished the elliptical theatre after Palladio’s death…
Gallery in Vicenza

Basilica Palladiana

Now a venue for world-class temporary exhibitions, the Palladian Basilica is capped with an enormous copper dome reminiscent of the hull of an upturned ship. The building, modelled on a Roman basilica, once housed t…
Church in Vicenza

Chiesa di Santa Corona

Built by the Dominicans in 1261 to house a relic from Christ’s crown of thorns donated to the bishop of Vicenza by Louis IX of France, this Romanesque church also houses three light-filled masterpieces: Palladio’s 1…
Museum in Vicenza

Palazzo Chiericati

Vicenza's civic art museum occupies one of Palladio’s finest buildings, designed in 1550. The ground floor, used for temporary exhibitions, is where you'll find the Sala dal Firmamento (Salon of the Skies) and its b…
Historic Building in Vicenza

Palazzo Thiene

Just off Corso Palladio, you’ll find the headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza (the People’s Bank of Vicenza), housed rather ironically in Palladio’s Palazzo Thiene, which was fashioned for the aristocratic …
Historic Building in Vicenza

Villa Valmarana ‘ai Nani’

From La Rotonda, a charming footpath leads about 500m to the neoclassical elegance of Villa Valmarana ‘ai Nani’, nicknamed after the 17 statues of gnomes ('ai Nani') around the perimeter walls. Step inside for 1757 …
Museum in Vicenza

Palladio Museum

To better understand architect Andrea Palladio and his legacy, explore the frescoed halls of this modern museum. Artefacts include historical copies of Palladio's celebrated Quattro Libri dell'Architettura (Four Boo…
Church in Vicenza

Tempio di San Lorenzo

A Gothic church dating back to the late 13th century.