Top Choice Performing Arts in Verona

Verona's Opera Festival

Around 14,000 music lovers pack the Roman Arena on summer nights during the world's biggest open-air lyrical music event, which draws international stars. Performances usually start at 8.45pm or 9pm. Tucking into a …
Theatre in Verona

Estate Teatrale Veronese

One of the best ways to experience Verona's Teatro Romano (Roman Theatre) is to attend the summer festival, when theatre (with a clear preference for Shakespeare and Goldoni), dance and jazz performances are staged.
Wine in Verona


The country's largest wine expo is open only to food and wine professionals. The event includes tastings, presentations about winemaking and unmatched insight into the breadth and depth of Italian wines.
Wine in Verona


A natural-process wine showcase held in Verona every April.