Food & Drinks in San Polo & Santa Croce

Drogheria Mascari

Ziggurats of cayenne, leaning towers of star anise and chorus lines of olive oils draw awestruck foodies to Drogheria Mascari’s windows. Indoors, chefs clutch truffle jars like holy relics, kids ogle candy in copper…
Food in San Polo & Santa Croce

Casa del Parmigiano

Set suitably beside the appetite-piquing Rialto Market, cheery Casa del Parmigiano heaves with coveted cheeses like potent parmigiano reggiano aged three years, to rare, local Asiago Stravecchio di Malga. All are ke…
Food & Drinks in Cannaregio


For the well-travelled foodie who’s been there, eaten that, here’s something original: a miniature platter of Italian cheeses and cured meats, made out of artisanal chocolate. Dolceamaro also stocks wines, specialit…
Food in Castello


Work your way through Venice’s most decadent vices at this Willy Wonka–esque chocolatier, whose whisker-licking edibles include plague-doctor's masks. Ganache-filled chocolates come in a five-course meal of flavours…
Food in San Polo & Santa Croce


A notable gourmet shop, Aliani has cheeses, cured meats and gourmet specialities from balsamic vine­gar aged 40 years to bottarga (dried fish-roe paste).
Food & Drinks in San Polo & Santa Croce

Rialto Biocenter

For organic edibles from baby food to biscuits plus sustainably produced wines, pop into Rialto Biocenter, an easy walk to the west of Rialto Market.
Food in San Polo & Santa Croce

Marco Bergamasco

The Rialto Market's most lauded seafood stall sells only fresh local seafood.