Must-see nightlife in San Polo & Santa Croce

  • Cantina do Spade in Venice: bigoli in salsa and the cicchetti

    Cantina Do Spade

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Famously mentioned in Casanova's memoirs, cosy 'Two Spades' was founded in 1488 and continues to keep Venice in good spirits with its bargain Tri-Veneto…

  • The famous cat symbol on Il Mercante's canopy

    Il Mercante

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    An hour's changeover is all it takes for historic Caffè dei Frari to transform itself into its night-time guise as Venice's best cocktail bar. If you can…

  • Osteria da Filo

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    A living room where drinks are served, this locals' hang-out comes complete with creaky sofas, free wi-fi, abandoned novels and the occasional live-music…

  • Cantina Do Mori

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    You'll feel like you've stepped into a Rembrandt painting at venerable 'Two Moors', a dark, rustic bar with roots in the 15th century. Under gleaming,…

  • Vineria all'Amarone

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    The warm wood-panelled interior and huge selection of Veneto wines by the glass are just part of the popularity of this friendly bar-cum-restaurant. Other…

  • Caffè del Doge

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Sniff your way to the affable Doge, where dedicated drinkers slurp their way through the menu of speciality imported coffees, from Ethiopian to Guatemalan…

  • Bacareto da Lele

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Pocket-sized Da Lele is perpetually jammed with students and workers, stopping for a cheap, stand-up ombra (small glass of wine; from €0.70) on their way…

  • Barcollo

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Its name might mean stagger, but there's more to this party bar than its heady cocktail sessions and Friday-night DJ sets. Just steps away from the Rialto…

  • Al Prosecco

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Positioned on Venice’s loveliest campo (square), this wine bar specialises in vini naturali (natural-process wines) – organic, biodynamic, wild-yeast…

  • Caffè dei Frari

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Take your (admittedly expensive) espresso with a heaping of history at this atmospheric cafe, established in 1870, with its Tiffany-style lamps and…

  • Al Mercà

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Discerning drinkers throng to this cupboard-sized counter on a Rialto Market square to sip on top-notch prosecco and other wines by the glass (from €2)…

  • Ancora's entrance under the arches of Campo San Giacometto


    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Set between the Rialto Bridge and Rialto Market, and with outdoor seating on the Grand Canal, Ancora is ideally positioned for a restorative spritz after…

  • Cantina Arnaldi offers a warm welcom

    Cantina Arnaldi

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    Cosy and chic, this popular wine bar serves a range of exemplary wines from all over Italy as well as craft beers. Traditional bar snacks are available,…

  • Taverna da Baffo

    San Polo & Santa Croce

    This osteria, named for Casanova’s licentious poet pal Giorgio Baffo, is actually a converted chapel stripped to its naked brick walls. With strong spritz…

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