Art in Castello

La Biennale di Venezia

Europe’s premier arts showcase since 1907 is something of a misnomer: the Biennale is now actually held every year, but the spotlight alternates between art (odd-numbered years) and architecture (even-numbered years…
Cultural in Venice


A show of endurance each May or June, this 32km 'long row' starts with over 1500 boats launching outside the Palazzo Ducale, loops past Burano and Murano, and ends with cheers, sweat and enough prosecco to numb blis…
Cultural in Venice

Regata Storica

Sixteenth-century costumes, eight-oared gondolas and ceremonial barques feature in this historical procession (usually held in early September) along the Grand Canal, which re-enacts the arrival of the Queen of Cypr…
Cultural in Dorsoduro

Festa della Madonna della Salute

If you'd survived plague, floods and Austrian invasion, you'd throw a party too. Every year since the 17th century, Venetians have crossed a pontoon bridge across the Grand Canal on 21 November to give thanks at Chi…
Art in Venice

Venice Glass Week

Celebrating over a thousand years of alchemy and artisanship the newly inaugurated Venice Glass Week showcases Venetian glassworking skills in exhibitions, workshops and seminars. Guided tours at usually off-limit w…
Cultural in Castello

The Architecture Biennale now has its own fringe festival in the form of this 'design walk' staged in venues all over town. It's held even-numbered years only.
Art in Castello

Arte Laguna Prize

This international contemporary art competition ends with an exhibition of the finalists within the Arsenale.