Top Choice Winery in Valpolicella


Presiding over the cutting-edge of Valpolicella viticulture is the dynamic Camilla Chauvenet, who took over this winery when she was just 20 years old, and has since been turning out lighter, more modern versions of…
Winery in Valpolicella


The Allegrini family has been tending vines in Fumane, Sant’Ambrogio and San Pietro since the 16th century, and this has been one of the leading wineries of the Valpolicella region. Pride of place goes to the cru wi…
Historic Building in Valpolicella

Villa della Torre

The jewel in the Allegrini crown, this historic villa dates to the mid-16th century and was built by intellectual and humanist Giulio della Torre. Numerous starchitects contributed to its construction: the classical…
Winery in Valpolicella

Giuseppe Quintarelli

The late Giuseppe Quintarelli put the Valpolicella region on the world wine map, and his benchmark estate is now run by daughter Fiorenza and her family. Quintarelli's extraordinary, limited-production Amarone – mad…
Winery in Valpolicella


An award-winning winery with striking contemporary architecture by Moreno Zurlo, an ancient quarry turned cellar, and a reputation for bold, big-blend wines. The most famous of these is Zýmē's signature Harlequin, a…
Winery in Valpolicella

Villa Mosconi Bertani

This grand winery housed in a small chateau offers both wine tastings and tours of the building. There is a choice of four tasting sessions, most of them involving superior Valpolicello wines such as Lepia Soave DOC…
Church in Valpolicella

Pieve di San Giorgio

In the tiny hilltop village of San Giorgio, around 6km northwest of San Pietro in Cariano, you’ll find this fresco-filled, cloistered 8th-century Romanesque church. Not old enough for you? In the little garden to it…
Winery in Valpolicella

Valentina Cubi

The eponymous Valentina Cubi is blazing a trail with her state-of-the-art, ten hectare, certified organic winery. Cubi uses biodynamic methods and, subject to the quality of the year's harvest, produces one of the f…
Church in Valpolicella

Pieve di San Floriano

Considered one of the most attractive Romanesque churches in the region, this austere place of worship dates back to between the 10th and 13th centuries. Particularly impressive are the cloisters, a peaceful stone o…
Winery in Valpolicella

Montecariano Cellars

Sample award-winning Amarone at this winery in the town of San Pietro in Cariano, just off central Piazza San Giuseppe.