Around 40km northwest of Syracuse is the World Heritage–listed Necropoli di Pantalica, a significant Iron Age and Bronze Age necropolis. Situated on a huge plateau, the site is surrounded by the beautifully wild and unspoilt landscape of the Valle dell'Anapo (Anapo Valley), a deep limestone gorge created by the Anapo and Calcinara rivers and laced with walking trails (paths marked 'B' are slightly more challenging).

The valley is accessible from Sortino. From Syracuse, you can also head northwest on the SS124 towards Palazzolo Acreide. After about 36km, turn off right towards Ferla. The signposted road plunges steeply to the floor of the valley, where you can leave your car by the Forestry Commission hut and walk through the woodlands on foot. Continuing about 5km up from the valley floor you come to Ferla, a small town with an attractive baroque centre, and another 11km beyond that the Necropoli di Pantalica.