Top Choice Cultural in Gubbio

Corsa dei Ceri

The 'Ceri Race' is a centuries-old event held each year to celebrate Gubbio's patron saint, Sant'Ubaldo. It starts at 5.30am and involves three teams, each carrying a cero (massive wooden pillar weighing about 300 t…
Performing Arts in Spoleto

Spoleto Festival

The Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti conceived the Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds) in 1958. Now simply known as the Spoleto Festival, it has given the town a worldwide reputation. Events …
Food & Drink in Norcia & the Valnerina

Nero Norcia

Truffle lovers, foodies and mooches should head to Norcia over two to three weekends in late February/early March to join thousands of visitors from all over the world as they sift through dozens of booths, tasting,…
Food & Drink in Perugia


Perugia celebrates the cocoa bean over 10 days. More than a million chocolate lovers flock here for choc-crazy exhibitions, cookery classes, giant chocolate sculptures and – the real reason everyone is here – to hoo…
Music in Orvieto

Umbria Jazz Winter

This celebration of cool musical styles jazzes up the dull patches of Orvieto's winter, with a great feast and party on New Year's Eve.
Music in Perugia

Umbria Jazz

Ever since making its debut in 1973, Perugia's swinging 10-day July festival, Umbria Jazz, has put the city firmly on the world jazz map, with such headline acts as BB King, Van Morrison, James Brown, Sting, Chet Ba…
Religious in Spello

Corpus Domini

The people of Spello celebrate this feast in May or June (the Sunday 60 days after Easter) by skilfully decorating the main street with fresh flowers in colourful designs. Come on the Saturday evening before the Sun…
Cultural in Gubbio

Palio della Balestra

On the last Sunday in May, Gubbio gets out its medieval crossbows for its annual archery competition with regional rival Sansepolcro. The festival carries over all year into tourist shops alive with rather scary-loo…
Cultural in Assisi

Festa di Calendimaggio

This festival sees Assisi take a joyous leap into spring with flamboyant costumed parades, jousting and other medieval fun. It starts the first Wednesday after 1 May.
Cultural in Todi

Todi Festival

Held for 10 days each August/September, this festival brings together a mix of classical and jazz concerts, theatre, ballet and art exhibitions.