Bus in Parco Regionale dei Nebrodi


Operates buses from Messina to Cesarò (€9.20, three hours, one daily Monday to Saturday), Mistretta (€9.60, 2¼ hours, one daily Monday to Friday) and Randazzo (€7, two hours, two daily Monday to Saturday). It also o…
Bus in Caccamo


From Caccamo, buses run to/from Cefalù (€4.60, 70 minutes, one daily), Palermo (€4.60, 70 minutes, three daily) and Termini Imerese (€2.70, 30 minutes, six daily). There are no Sunday services.
Bus in Castelbuono

SAIS Trasporti

Runs buses to Castelbuono from Palermo (€8.60, 1¾ hours, three to five Monday to Saturday, one Sunday) and Cefalù (€2.60, 40 minutes, six daily Monday to Saturday, one Sunday).
Bus in Milazzo


Buses run frequently to/from Messina (€4.20, 50 minutes, 18 daily Monday to Friday, 15 on Saturday, three on Sunday), where you can make onward connections to Catania (€9.30).
Bus in Tyrrhenian Coast

Nancini & Saso

Runs buses between Termini Imerese and Villaura, stopping at the Himera archaeological site en route (€2.60, 15 minutes, three daily Monday to Saturday).
Bus in Cefalù


Runs services to Palermo (€5.70, one hour, five Monday to Saturday) and Castelbuono (€2.60, 40 minutes, five Monday to Saturday).
Bus in San Marco d'Alunzio

Camarda e Drago

Runs three to four buses from Sant'Agata's train station to San Marco d'Alunzio (45 minutes) Monday through Saturday.
Bus in Collesano


Runs three to five buses from Palermo to Collesano (€6, 1¼ to 1¾ hours) Monday through Saturday.
Bicycle Hire in Cefalù

Scooter for Rent

Rents out bicycles (€10 per day) and scooters (from €35 per day).
Bus in Cefalù

Bus Stop