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There is no airport in this region, though Palermo's Punta Raisi and Catania's Fontanarossa airports are easily reachable within a couple of hours, the former by train from Cefalù, the latter by bus from Milazzo.


Milazzo is the main hub for regularly scheduled boat travel (hydrofoil and ferry) to the Aeolian Islands. In beach resorts like Cefalù, private tour operators offer boat excursions along the coast.


Buses from coastal hubs like Palermo and Cefalù service interior towns like Castelbuono, Petralia and Caccamo, but they have limited schedules, and there's no public transport linking these interior towns to one another once you get there.

Car & Motorcycle

Having your own vehicle is a huge asset, especially in the mountainous interior where countless beautiful back roads beckon, few of them accessible by public transport.


Trains are frequent and dependable along the coast between Messina and Palermo, but once you head inland, your own wheels are nearly indispensable, especially for exploring the scenic Madonie and Nebrodi mountains.