Food in Siena

Pizzicheria de Miccoli

A stuffed boar's head sits above de Miccoli's entrance, fine aromas waft from the doorway, and the windows are festooned with sausages, stacks of cheese and sacks of porcini mushrooms. It also sells filled panini to…
Food in Greve in Chianti

Antica Macellerìa Falorni

This atmospheric macellerìa (butcher shop) in the main square was established by the local Falorni family way back in 1729. Known for its finocchiona briciolona (pork salami made with fennel seeds and Chianti), it's…
Food in Tuscan Archipelago


Behind the canary-yellow facade of this pastificio trazionale (artisanal pasta maker), the Martelli family beavers away to make 1 tonne of pasta a year. Slowly kneaded dough is fed through traditional bronze moulds …
Food & Drinks in Lucca

Antica Bodega di Prospero

This old-fashioned food shop is easy to spot – look for the shop window stuffed with sacks of beans, lentils and other local pulses. Inside, bottles of Lucchesi wine and Garfagnese biscotti al farro (spelt biscuits)…
Food in Volterra

Emporio del Gusto

A feast of local goodies stacks the shelves in this comune-sponsored food co-op. Look out for olive-oil products (including toiletries), fresh milk and yoghurt, cheese, vegetables, locally grown saffron, truffles, p…
Food & Drinks in Parco Regionale della Maremma

Agienza Regionale Agricola di Alberese Fattoria

The local, Slow Food–accredited produce on offer here is irresistible – look out for olive oils, pecorini (sheep's cheese), salumi (meats), organic bread and DOCG wines. One robust Morellino di Scansano costs a mere…
Food in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Alimentari Poli Roberto

Across from the old city gate, sacks of beans, chickpeas, walnuts and porcini sit outside this grocer's shop – the chestnut beer, beer made from locally grown farro, farro-encrusted pecorino and honey are prerequisi…
Food in Portoferraio

Pescheria del Porto

Harbourside fishmonger.
Food in Lucca


This delicious chocolate shop seduces tastebuds with truffles, white chocolate spread and other artisanal chocolate creations almost too beautiful to eat.
Drinks in Lucca

Antica Farmacia Massagli

Few tourists realise quite what the historic pharmacy across the square from Chiesa di San Michele in Foro bottles. Follow the locals to the back room of Antica Farmacia Massagli and indulge in a shot of China elixi…