Local Living Italy - Tuscany Garfagnana

Local Living, Rome to Garfagnana
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Tour description

The difference between a tourist and a traveller? Tourists visit. Travellers explore. And once you’ve seen, smelled, felt, and tasted northern Tuscany, you’ll want to devour as much of it as possible. This journey into Garfagnana – one of Tuscany's most breathtaking regions – offers plenty of exercise for mind, body, and soul alike. Over seven days, you’ll explore the unspoiled mountains by day, learn to prepare delicious local cuisine in the evening, and put your feet up at the end of it all to soak in the simple pleasures of country life.

What's included

  • Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your Foodie Moment: Garfagnana Wine Tasting, Garfagnana
  • Orientation walks of Rome, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and Lucca
  • Local hikes
  • Bread making demonstration


  • Enjoy the stunning tuscan countryside
  • Mountain walks
  • Taste local specialties
  • Savour home-cooked meals
  • Relax at the authentic countryside accommodations.


Day 1: Rome Arrive at any time.

Day 2: Rome/Garfagnana Enjoy a local Italian breakfast before taking an orientation walk around Rome. Travel by train to Tuscany and transfer to the local villa, which is home for the rest of the week. Take a short walk to the village of Sambuca.

Day 3: Garfagnana Enjoy an orientation walk of Castelnuovo with your CEO and explore this charming Tuscan village. Take time for an optional village lunch and return to the villa in the afternoon. In the evening, enjoy a wine tasting with a local sommelier.

Day 4: Garfagnana After a short transfer, hike through the open countryside in the Apuan region. Stop and enjoy a picnic lunch along the way.

Day 5: Garfagnana Travel into the mountains toward the charming medieval village of San Pellegrino - the highest in the Appenini Alps. Opt to wander the town or head off for a short hike in the afternoon. Learn the craft of bread making from a local farmer.

Day 6: Garfagnana Enjoy a day trip to Lucca including an orientation walk with the CEO.

Day 7: Garfagnana A transfer back to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana train station is provided in the morning. Depart in the afternoon.