Taxi in Trieste

Radio Taxi Trieste

Operates 24 hours; from the train station to the centre will cost around €10 or a €58 flat fee to the airport.There's a €3.50 flag fall and €6 minimum, plus a €2 surcharge between 10pm and 6am and on public holidays…
Train Station in Trieste

Train Station

Serves Gorizia (€4.75, 50 minutes, hourly), Udine (€8.75, one to 1½ hours, at least hourly), Venice (€19.30, two hours, at least hourly) and Rome (€99, 6½ to 7½ hours; most require a change at Mestre).
Bus in Trieste

Florentia Bus

Operates bus services to Ljubljana (€17, 2¾ hours, daily) and Sofia in Bulgaria (€65, 16½ hours, daily), with promo fares beginning at €13.
Bus Station in Trieste

Bus Station

National and international buses operate from here, including those to Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.
Boat in Trieste

Trieste Trasporti