Top things to do

Top Choice Osteria in Treviso

Osteria Dalla Gigia

This friendly and authentic snack bar is a great place to rub shoulders with locals. Everyone crams in to enjoy the legendary mozzarella alla Gigia, a tiny deep-fried sandwich filled with molten mozzarella and eithe…
Top Choice Gelato in Treviso

Gelateria Dassie

No one should leave Treviso without savouring an award-winning gelato by Stefano Dassie, one of Italy's top gelatisti. The Dassie family has a 45-year tradition of gelato production, but Stefano has taken things to …
Statue in Treviso

Fontana delle Tette

Treviso's best-known piece of statuary is the 16th-century naked female torso called the Fontana delle Tette, a snigger-worthy translation coming in as 'Tits Fountain'. Essentially created as a free wine dispenser (…
Sandwiches in Treviso

Dai Naneti

This great little wine bar tucked in a backstreet near Piazza dei Signori serves up thick slices of mortadella (pork cold cut), prosciutto and cheese generously piled on crusty bread, and washed down with delicious …
Church in Treviso

Chiesa di Santa Lucia

The small Chiesa di Santa Lucia adjoins the larger Chiesa di San Vito and is an absolute beauty. Its vaulted ceiling and walls are covered with colourful 14th- and 15th-century frescoes, including the Madonna del Pa…
Seafood in Treviso

Antico Morer

Named after an old mulberry tree, this classy restaurant serves some of Treviso's finest seafood. Chef Gaetano selects the finest ingredients from the fish market each day for his grand platters, including crab ravi…
Market in Treviso


On an artificial canal island this 2002 fish market structure is linked to the 'mainland' with modern walkways. All kinds of creatures from the deep are on sale here, as well as salamis and cheeses. It's all over by…
Rugby in Treviso

Rugby Stadium

Benetton Treviso have 15 Italian rugby championships to their name and are ever-present on the European rugby scene. The stadium in the northwest suburbs is also used for international matches. Take bus 9.
Food & Drinks in Treviso


If you are in the market for local produce, this superb food emporium has the lot, from dried mushrooms to pickled radicchio, Veneto wines to local grappa.
Modern Italian in Treviso

Antico Ristorante Alle Beccherie

The original source of tiramisu is a disappointingly modern restaurant on a tiny square. The coffee-soaked dessert was invented in the 1960s, and even at €6 per serve, is still the best version around. You may want …