Church in Todi

Campanile di San Fortunato

Climb this bell tower inside Tempio di San Fortunato for exhilarating views across the hills and castles surrounding Todi.
Piazza in Todi

Piazza del Popolo

Just try to walk through the Piazza del Popolo without feeling compelled to sit on the medieval building steps and write a postcard home. The 13th-century Palazzo del Capitano links to the Palazzo del Popolo to crea…
Church in Todi

Tempio di San Fortunato

The lofty medieval Tempio di San Fortunato has frescoes by Masolino da Panicale, and contains the tomb of Beato Jacopone, Todi’s beloved patron saint. Inside, make it a point to climb the Campanile di San Fortunato,…
Church in Todi

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione

The postcard home you’ve just written most likely features Todi’s famed church, the late-Renaissance masterpiece Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione. Inside, architecture fans can admire its geometrically perfe…
Cathedral in Todi

La Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata

The cathedral, at the northwestern end of the Piazza del Popolo square, has a magnificent rose window, intricately decorated doorway and a unusual chandelier.
Museum in Todi

Museo Civico e Pinacoteca Comunale

Housed in the striking Palazzo del Capitano, this museum features an elegant triple window. It holds a fine (if hardly overwhelming) collection of paintings, and a rather more successful archaeological section with…