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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Tivoli

Villa Adriana

The ruins of Hadrian's vast country villa, 5km outside Tivoli proper, are quite magnificent, easily on a par with anything you'll see in Rome. Built between AD 118 and 138, the villa was one of the largest in the an…
Historic Building in Tivoli

Villa d'Este

In Tivoli's hilltop centre, the steeply terraced grounds of Villa d'Este are a superlative example of a Renaissance garden, complete with monumental fountains, elegant tree-lined avenues and landscaped grottoes. The…
Trattoria in Tivoli

Trattoria del Falcone

Near Villa d'Este, this cheerful, family run trattoria has been serving pizzas, classic pastas, meat and seafood since 1918. Boasting exposed stone decor and a small internal courtyard, it's popular with both touri…
Ristorante in Tivoli


With tables set out by two ancient Roman temples and water cascading down the green river gorge below, the Sibilla's outdoor terrace sets a romantic stage for seasonally driven food and superlative wine.