Top Choice Department Store in Cannaregio


Its glitzy neighbour, Fondaco dei Tedeschi, gets all the attention these days but non-oligarchs will find Coin much more accessible. It's expensive but not stupidly so (especially during the legendary sales), and th…
Homewares in San Marco

Chiarastella Cattana

Transform any home into a thoroughly modern palazzo with these locally woven, strikingly original Venetian linens. Whimsical cushions feature chubby purple rhinoceroses and grumpy scarlet elephants straight out of P…
Homewares in Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands

Fortuny Tessuti Artistici

Marcel Proust waxed rhapsodic over Fortuny’s silken cottons printed with art nouveau patterns. At the showroom attached to his still-functioning factory, visitors can browse 300 textile designs and purchase cushions…
Homewares in Castello

Atelier Alessandro Merlin

Enjoy your breakfast in the nude, on a horse or atop a jellyfish – Alessandro Merlin paints them all on striking black and white cappuccino cups and saucers. Homoerotic-art lovers will recognise the influence of Tom…
Department Store in San Marco

Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Occupying one of the Grand Canal's most imposing buildings, a 16th-century German trading house, this branch of the DFS chain is worth visiting whether you're in the market for a handbag with a four-digit price tag …
Homewares in Dorsoduro


Style up your life at this modern design showcase, which stocks a sharply curated selection of local and international furniture and furnishings.
Homewares in San Marco

Caigo da Mar

Venetian pirates once headed to Constantinople for all their interior-decoration needs, but today they'd need look no further than Caigo da Mar. This tiny treasure trove brims with dramatic black Murano glass candel…