Books in San Polo & Santa Croce

Damocle Edizioni

Pocket-sized Damocle is both a bookshop and publisher, translating literary greats like Oscar Wilde and Luigi Pirandello, as well as showcasing emerging writing talent, from contemporary Chinese poets to Spanish wri…
Books in Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands

Libreria Marco Polo

The first bookshop ever to open on Giudecca. With a range of new and used books in English, as well as a fine selection of children's books and out-of-print titles in Italian, it's an exciting addition to the island…
Books in Dorsoduro

Segni nel Tempo

Not so much a bookshop as a tiny time machine, where cramped shelves might reveal a 16th-century edition of Giovanni Pontano's De Prudentia or a History of Oxford dating from 1676. Most titles are in Italian, with a…
Books in Dorsoduro


One of the most innovative and vibrant art and design bookshops in Venice is Bruno. It’s creativity is stoked by the graphic design studio and editorial consultancy behind it, which is headed by Andrea Codolo and Gi…
Books in San Polo & Santa Croce

Mare di Carta

Sailors, pirates and armchair seafarers should navigate to this canalside storefront, which stocks every maritime map and sailor's-knot manual needed for lagoon exploration, boat upkeep and sealife spotting. If you’…
Books in San Marco


Consult bibliophile staff for worthy vacation reads, page-turning Venetian history or top picks from shelves groaning under the weight of Italian cookbooks. Many titles are available in various languages (including …
Books in Castello

Libraria Aqua Alta

Precarious stacks of books look at constant danger of collapse at this wonderfully ragtag secondhand bookshop. Some books are displayed in a gondola – which must come in handy during floods – and you can even climb …
Books in Verona

Libreria Mondadori

Useful bookshop where you can pick up maps of Verona, the region and Kompass maps of Lake Garda should you be heading in that direction.
Books in Verona


Italian bookshop with some books in English, maps of Verona, a stock of interesting posters and Lonely Planet guides in Italian.
Books in San Marco


Even pulp fiction becomes high art at Charta, where favourite books are custom-bound in bespoke covers. Customised titles run into the hundreds of euros.