Abbey in The Milky Way

Sacra di San Michele

This Gothic-Romanesque abbey, brooding above the road 14km from Turin, has kept sentry atop Monte Pirchiriano (962m) since the 10th century. It housed a powerful, bustling community of Benedictine monks for over 600…
Roman Site in Susa

Arco d'Augusto

The pristine and impressive triumphal Arch of Augustus, dating to 9BC, sits just outside the centre of town. It marks the transition of power between the Celtic-Ligurian Marcus Julius Cottius and Roman Emperor Augus…
Fort in Susa

Forte di Exilles

Worth a brief stop is the forbidding Forte di Exilles, overlooking the quiet village of Exilles, 15km west of Susa. Its military role only ended in 1943. If you're visiting in summer, check the online program for de…
Ruins in Susa

Roman Ruins

In addition to the unmissable Arco d'Augusto, you can see the remains of a Roman aqueduct and a still-used amphitheatre here, along with a druid well that's testimony to the city's Celtic origins.
State Park in The Milky Way

Parco Naturale dei Laghi di Avigliana

This nature reserve, a lovely natural amphitheatre, is located on Avigliana’s western fringe and includes protected lakes and marshlands.