The Italian Riviera in detail



It’s hard not to be captivated by the Cinque Terre while overlooking the pastel-hued buildings huddling tightly together against the craggy, coastal backdrop. No matter where you roam, you won’t be far from dramatic views, whether along wave-kissed shores, artfully shaped terraces curving along the coast or a hidden rocky cove sheltering among chiselled cliffs.

Best Lists

Best Cinque Terre Views

Punta Bonfiglio See one of Cinque Terre’s most photogenic views from this lookout just above the harbour of Manarola.

Santuario della Madonna di Soviore After a strenuous ascent from Monterosso you’ll be rewarded with staggering views — all the way to Corsica on clear days.

Fossola Beach A short but lovely stretch of shoreline just out of Riomaggiore.

Belvedere di Santa Maria Feel the refreshing sea breezes, while taking in a long stretch of Ligurian coastline from high-up Corniglia.

Castello Doria Postcard-worthy views atop a medieval tower above Vernazza.

Best Views Outside of Cinque Terre

Spianata Castelletto Enjoy gelato while gazing across Genoa’s urban expanse from this viewpoint above the city centre.

Castello di Lerici Peel back the layers of history, while gazing across the pretty Lerici coastline from this lofty medieval perch.

Grotta di Byron Watch the gulls at play over the craggy cove so admired by the English Romantics in the 19th century.

Chiesa di San Giorgio See the church bells rung by an octopus (so the story goes) and the enchanting rocky shores beyond.