Top ChoiceArchaeological Site in Sirmione

Grotte di Catullo

Occupying 2 hectares at Sirmione's northern tip, this ruined 1st-century-AD Roman villa is a picturesque complex of teetering stone arches and tumbledown walls, some three storeys high. It's the largest domestic...

Castle in Sirmione

Rocca Scaligera

Expanding their influence northwards, the Scaligeri of Verona built this enormous square-cut castle right at the entrance to old Sirmione. Rising out of the still waters of the lake it guards the only bridge into...

Church in Sirmione

Chiesa San Pietro in Mavino

Sirmione's oldest church and its crumbling bell tower date from the 14th century, though it was built on the site of a much older temple. The surprisingly vivid frescoes inside also date from the same period, but...

Museum in Sirmione

Musei di Solferino

The Musei di Solferino displays small cannons, uniforms and gilt-framed paintings of Solferino's 1859 conflict.